Men's Rights


What are we really talking about?

by Oneioros Grip

Edited by Sillymod, MRMOd3. There are two things that I’ve frequently seen used in gender-issue debates to try to reframe and de-legitimize examples of men’s issues. Focusing on them and considering their basis or meaning […]

Feb, 16

Resolving the “pay gap”

by Signature

Edited by Oneiorosgrip, MRMod3 The pay gap issue is once again become a central feature of the news thanks to President Obama’s recent state of the union address in which he repeated the statistic that […]

Feb, 06

Feminism and Antifeminism

by The Patriarchy

Editors: Sillymod, Oneiorosgrip When a lot of people first encounter the Men’s Rights subreddit, they are shocked to find vocal opposition to feminism. For the longest time, “feminist” was synonymous with “egalitarian”, and to people […]

Oct, 11

The Men’s Rights Movement versus the Feminist Movement… Necessary conflict?

by sillymod

Editors: Signature, Oneiorosgrip The gender rights debates primarily have four (non-exclusive) movements, each with their own subgroupings. The primaries are: the feminist movement, the traditionalist movement, the LGBTQ (Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual, Transsexual, Queer) movement, and […]

Sep, 04


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